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Transportation Specialist

Company Summary

Konos Inc. is a privately held food manufacturer who ships shell eggs all over the world.  The company produces more than 60 million dozen shell eggs per year for commercial and retail use with the help of 120+ employees.

Job Objective

To provide timely delivery of product and ensuring customer satisfaction while portraying the business in a positive atmosphere.

General Responsibilities

  • Meet customers with a positive attitude and greeting                                                                    
  • Deliver product in a safe and timely manner – Moving product between locations, unloading racks/palletized eggs and exchanging for empty racks/pallets
  • Daily requirements of inspecting truck according to DOT specs, making sure that the load is secure, and notifying proper personnel for truck maintenance                                                                            
  • Ensuring that the delivery/pick-up quantities are matched with invoice totals
  • Responsible for the transportation of BOL from Konos to be signed by the proper representative of the receiving account listed on the invoice and returned to Konos
  • Follow all driving rules and regulations set forth by State and Federal Agencies
  • Appearance to be upheld with uniforms - clean and properly tucked

Compensation and Benefits

All positions include paid time off, a generous 401k package, health insurance, and free eggs on a regular basis.  Other benefits are administered on a case-by-case basis.