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Live Production Administrator

Company Summary

Konos Inc. is a large egg producer with approximately 3 million layers across Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri. We provide a variety of eggs to the market including commercial, cage-free, enriched, and organic eggs. We also have high standards for bird welfare and health. We are audited by AHA, HFAC, OEFFA, UEP, and CDFA.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Meeting with vendors along with other live production employees
  • Monitoring pullets for proper vaccination and body weight uniformity at specific times with other live production employees
    • This include coarse spray vaccinations within both pullets and layer facilities
  • Order all vaccines for pullets and layers and manage the appropriate inventory for the flocks
    • Distribute out all vaccines for each flock accordingly
  • Order all rodenticides, barn supplies, and equipment for layer flocks in Martin and manage inventories
    • Distribute out all supplies and rodenticides accordingly
  • Monitoring houses within the Michigan facilities for proper management of rodents and biosecurity
    • Ensure that all employees are following protocol for the different programs on the farm
      • Proper euthanasia is being performed on roosters and suffering birds
      • Danish bench procedures are being followed at all times and that Biosecurity PPE is available
    • Relay deficiencies to the Contract Flock Director and troubleshoot solutions
  • Perform all filing for barn associated paperwork and administrative duties. This includes:
    • Collect feed pricing for all ingredients including corn and soybean meal pricing
    • Providing barn employees with all paperwork copies, and maintain blank templates of all forms
    • Performing FDA and Biosecurity Training on a yearly basis and collecting the proper forms
    • Flock paperwork such as hatchery forms, code of conformances, and general flock overviews
    • Complete production spreadsheets when the Contract Flock Director is not available
    • Monitoring paperwork for non-compliant status and proper completion by coop employees
      • Employee re-training may be necessary when consistent errors are present
    • Translating forms from English to Spanish in order to facilitate comprehension of employees
  • Perform some general labor as necessary in the layer houses
  • Attending industry events which include:
    • Various MAPI Industry Events through the year
    • Layer Health Management School for the 2020 year

Job Skills and Knowledge:

  • Must be able to work variable hours
  • A High School Diploma or GED, or equivalent experience in animal production
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Basic understanding of commercial poultry production and a willingness to learn more about this type of production system
  • Must be able to work in a team environment and work fairly with others
  • Must have strong administrative skills and attention to detail in any task
  • A strong knowledge on certification requirements with our auditors is preferred
  • Must be Bilingual in English and Spanish

Job Location and Travel:

This position will require some travel between facilities in Michigan. This will include trips between Martin and Otsego, MI (15 mile distance). Travel expenses will be reimbursed and/or paid by Konos Inc. Total travel may be approximately 20% of the job. Company vehicles are available for check-out for any traveling that is required of the position.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance
  • Compensation plan for cell phone usage
  • Life Insurance of $15,000 and Short Term Disability provided at no cost to employee
  • Eligible to contribute to 401k plan after 1 year of employment, subject to maximum allowed by federal government
    • Company matched contribution 100% up to 4% of gross pay
  • 2 flats of eggs with every paycheck
  • 1 weeks of vacation per year
  • 5 paid personal days are available per year

If you are interested in this job opportunity, please contact Kelsey Ward to apply with resume prepared.

Kelsey Ward – Contract Flock Director  kward@vandebunteeggs.com