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Production Assistant

Company Summary

Konos Inc. is a large egg producer with approximately 3 million layers across Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri. We provide a variety of eggs to the market including commercial, cage-free, enriched, and organic eggs. We also have high standards for bird welfare and health. We are audited by AHA, HFAC, OEFFA, UEP, and CDFA. Our company is rapidly growing and we are looking for a new employee to assist our pullet director to meet the need for high quality pullets for both locations.

Job Objective

To assist the contract flock director in daily activities, in addition to administrative duties related to flock maintenance and reporting.

General Responsibilities

  • Assist with monitoring the service crews for quality of work and effectiveness. This includes:
    • Learning and monitoring beak trimming for 7-10 day old chicks
    • Verifying proper vaccination of pullets one week after being performed
    • Helping barn members counting cages and carts during pullet and spent hen moves
    • Completing all associated paperwork with these tasks
  • Taking blood samples from various barns for NPIP certification and AI monitoring purposes
  • Performing necropsy on birds during times of poor performance, high mortality events, or for routine monitoring when Contract Flock Director is not available to do so
  • Completing field service visits for contract farms in both Indiana and Ohio on a regular basis when Contract Flock Director is not available for travel. This will include:
    • Troubleshooting problems that are currently occurring on contract farms
    • Introducing and implementing preventative measures for disease outbreak, production drops, and management as applicable
    • Addressing paperwork concerns regarding salmonella swabs, blood testing, rodent and fly paperwork, and weekly flock data sheets
    • Listening to and relaying contract farmer concerns with flock performance, supply quality, and feed quality
    • Explaining and handing out new paperwork requirement
  • Understand all filing for barn associated paperwork and administrative duties. This includes:
    • Filling out production reports during times when the Contract Flock Director is absent
    • MiOSHA HAZCOM and LOTO paperwork
    • FDA and Biosecurity Training paperwork
    • Flock File paperwork
    • Daily paperwork from barns
  • Attending meetings with the Contract Flock Director regarding flock scheduling changes and relaying them to other employees

Job Knowledge and Skills

  • Must be able to work variable hours and perform well in dusty or hot work conditions
  • A two year degree in animal agriculture is strongly preferred, or equivalent experience in livestock production
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Basic understanding of commercial poultry production and a willingness to learn more about this type of production system
  • Must be able to work in a team environment and work fairly with others
  • Must have strong administrative skills and attention to detail in any task
  • A strong knowledge on certification requirements with our auditors is preferred

Job Location and Travel

This position will require some travel between facilities in Michigan. This will include trips between Martin and Otsego, MI (15 mile distance). This position will also require some monthly travel to Northern Indiana and Central Ohio during times the Contract Flock Director must stay at main facilities. Travel expenses will be reimbursed and/or paid by Konos Inc. Total travel may be approximately 20% of the job. Company vehicles are available for check-out for any traveling that is required of the position.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • A cell phone can be provided or a compensation plan for cell phone usage
  • Life Insurance of $15,000 and Short Term Disability provided at no cost to employee
  • Eligible to contribute to 401k plan after 1 year of employment, subject to maximum allowed by federal government
    • Company matched contribution 100% up to 4% of gross pay
  • 2 flats of eggs with every paycheck
  • Vacation after 1 year employment
  • 5 paid personal days are available per year


If you are interested in this job opportunity, please contact Kelsey Ward for details.

Kelsey Ward – Contract Flock Director

1-269-672-7266 ext: 110