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Pullet Assistant

Company Summary

Konos Inc. is a privately held food manufacturer who ships shell eggs all over the world.  The company produces more than 60 million dozen shell eggs per year for commercial and retail use with the help of 120+ employees.

Job Objective

To assist the pullet director in proper care and training of pullets, in addition to administrative duties related to pullet raising

General Responsibilities

  • Assist both the pullet manager and the pullet farm employees with daily tasks
  • Support staff with preparation and placement of day old chicks
  • Monitor and record the bird moving crew, vaccination crew, and beak trimming crew during their services for quality of work and bird welfare
  • Must be able to identify proper techniques for the above services, as well as re-train any non-compliant crew members on site
  • Maintain good recordkeeping for all certifications for all pullet farms
  • Resolve any issues with non-compliant paperwork
  • May be required to create new forms or edit existing paperwork
  • Support the pullet manager in scheduling the crews for chick placements, pullet moving, beak trimming, and vaccinations
  • Enforce all biosecurity practices on all pullet farms
  • Place all vaccination orders and ensure proper storage, handling, and administration of the vaccine to the pullets
  • Be actively involved in training cage-free pullets and also cross train other pullet employees on proper training techniques
  • Remain up-to-date on new management techniques for pullets, as well as new products that are available to facilitate good pullet growth
  • Make changes to pullet lighting and feed schedules as needed

Job Knowledge and Skills

  • Must be able to work variable hours and perform well in dusty or hot work conditions
  • A two to four year degree in animal agriculture is strongly preferred
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Basic understanding of pullet rearing and a willingness to learn more extensive pullet knowledge and management
  • Must be able to work in a team environment
    • Many employees do not speak English as a first language, thus being bi-lingual is preferred
  • Must have strong administrative skills and attention to detail
    • A strong knowledge on certification requirements with our auditors is preferred

Job Location and Travel

This position will require some travel between pullet facilities in Michigan. This includes the 4 caged pullet facilities around Martin, Michigan, as well as our two cage-free pullet facilities in Otsego, Michigan. Total travel may be approximately 10-20% of the job. Some travel into Plainwell, Michigan for supplies may be expected.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • A cell phone can be provided or a compensation plan for cell phone usage
  • Life Insurance of $15,000 and Short Term Disability provided at no cost to employee
  • Eligible to contribute to 401k plan after 1 year of employment, subject to maximum allowed by federal government
    • Company matched contribution 100% up to 4% of gross pay
  • 2 flats of eggs with every paycheck
  • Vacation after 1 year employment.