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Cage-Free Production Manager

Company Summary

Konos Inc. is a large egg producer with approximately 3 million layers across Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri. We provide a variety of eggs to the market including commercial, cage-free, enriched, and organic eggs. We have high standards for bird welfare and health. We are audited by AHA, HFAC, OEFFA, UEP, and CDFA. Our company is rapidly growing and are in need of a production assistant at our new cage free facility.

Job Objective

To ensure production goals are met while also ensuring the flocks general health and welfare all while working with a diverse team of employees in various areas of the facility.

General Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe, positive, and respectful work environment with other team members
  • Maintain production standards among multiple ages and flocks of birds
  • Must be able to troubleshoot and identify issues within a house and perform corrective actions in a quick and effective manner
  • Recalibrate egg counting equipment in the cage-free facility to ensure the proper recording of data by both the REF system and production reports
  • Conduct necropsies on hens on a regular basis, and identify any continuing or new health challenges to the flock
  • Perform, cross-train, and monitor all testing required for flocks like blood, swab, and water testing
  • Monitor bird health and welfare during high-activity times i.e.: pullets moves and spent hen moves
  • Coordinate with house managers and maintenance managers for all repairs in the bird houses
  • Attend monthly visits with all farm consultants i.e.: veterinarian, nutritionists, animal behavior specialist
  • Participate in further educations opportunities and meet with vendors to stay up to date on new products and management techniques
  • Maintain biosecurity principles that are set forth by the Biosecurity Officer and General Manager
    • Assist and share new biosecurity practices that would be a good fit for the cage-free facility
    • Identify and correct biosecurity concerns on the cage-free facility in coordination with the Biosecurity Officer and General Manager
  • Perform all administrative responsibilities for live production
    • File daily paperwork in an organized and timely manner, ensuring that it is completed properly
    • Create and produce weekly production reports to review with the general manager
    • File and monitor fly, rodent, and litter program paperwork to ensure the programs are effective
    • Assist the Compliance manager with live production compliance when necessary
  • Respond to all bird health or facility emergencies
    • Be able to be an on-call employee on a rotating schedule during the month to ensure that any power or equipment failure is found and fixed

Job Knowledge and Skills

  • A two to four year degree in animal agriculture is preferred with an emphasis in poultry management
  • Must be able to work various hours and perform well in hot or dusty conditions
  • Must be able to work within a positive team environment
    • If possible, being bi-lingual is beneficial for team communication since many employees do not speak English as a first language
    • Required to have good communication skills and work well with others
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills are needed
    • Knowledge about our certifying bodies and their requirements is preferred to facilitate compliance within live production
  • Competent with Microsoft programs like Work and Excel
    • Needs to have good computer skills to learn barn programming and identify issues within the facility via the PMSI programs

Job Location and Travel

  • This position is located in Otsego, Michigan. It will require occasional traveling for further education and meeting with vendors at nearby third-party locations. Company vehicles are available for check-out for travel.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • A cell phone can be provided or a compensation plan for cell phone usage
  • Life Insurance of $15,000 and Short Term Disability provided at no cost to employee
  • Eligible to contribute to 401k plan after 1 year of employment, subject to maximum allowed by federal government
    • Company matched contribution 100% up to 4% of gross pay
  • 2 flats of eggs with every paycheck
  • 2 weeks vacation and 5 personal days per year